Library Manager

  1. Can I invite more than one person at a time into the Library?

  2. Can I rename a video file?

  3. What is the Library Manager?

  4. What are the security features of this file distribution platform?

  5. How can I create a folder that not all the readers can see?

  6. How do I allow the readers to print a file on their tablet?

  7. How secure is Stellar Library?

  8. Are there different levels of Librarians?

  9. How do I delete a file from the library?

  10. How much can I store?

  11. I have a file that Stellar Library does not directly support, how do I convert it into a PDF?

  12. Is my Data backed up?

  13. Can we add a company logo to the Library?

  14. Is there a limit to how much I can upload to Stellar Library?

  15. What is the difference between a Librarian and Assistant Librarian?

  16. What kinds of files does Stellar Library Support?

  17. When I delete a user, delete files, or remove access to files, how quickly are the devices updated?

  18. Where is my data stored?

  19. Why can I now change the "view access" on the Access tab to people I would like to edit content to this folder?

  20. Why on the access tab do some of the readers have "edit" access while others have "view"?

  21. Why am I getting an Upload Error?

  22. How do I change my Password?

  23. I have forgotten my Password

  24. How do I add a Folder to my Library?

  25. How do I add an image to my folders?

  26. How do I add files to my Library?

  27. How do I add new Users?

  28. Can I import multiple users?

  29. How do I remove a user?

  30. How do I control Access to folders and files?

  31. A user has left our organisation

  32. Can I see a Log of activity in my Library?

  33. Can I rearrange folders in my Library?

  34. Can I change the appearance of the file name in my Library files?

  35. How to create a Document Collection Module?

  36. Sending Notification message to all or selected users

  37. How to fit all contents into one page within a spreadsheet?

  38. How to retrieve deleted items from the library?

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