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  1. A user has left our organisation

  2. Are there different levels of Librarians?

  3. Can I change the appearance of the file name in my Library files?

  4. Can I import multiple users?

  5. Can I invite more than one person at a time into the Library?

  6. Can I load the same file into different folders?

  7. Can I open files in other applications?

  8. Can I rearrange folders in my Library?

  9. Can I rename a video file?

  10. Can I see a Log of activity in my Library?

  11. Can we add a company logo to the Library?

  12. Do I need to be online to view files?

  13. Does Stellar Library work on other devices?

  14. Does the App cost anything?

  15. Download and Run Stellar Library App Installer for Windows

  16. How can I create a folder that not all the readers can see?

  17. How do I add a Folder to my Library?

  18. How do I add an image to my folders?

  19. How do I add files to my Library?

  20. How do I add new Users?

  21. How do I allow the readers to print a file on their tablet?

  22. How do I bring back missing thumbnails in my mobile device?

  23. How do I change my Password?

  24. How do I control Access to folders and files?

  25. How do I delete a file from the library?

  26. How do I free up space on my tablet?

  27. How do I login to the App on my tablet?

  28. How do I open a file in another app?

  29. How do I print a document from the tablet?

  30. How do I remove a user?

  31. How do I update my library?

  32. How much can I store?

  33. How secure is Stellar Library?

  34. How to create a Document Collection Module?

  35. How to fit all contents into one page within a spreadsheet?

  36. How to retrieve deleted items from the library?

  37. How to view the document collection via the web-portal?

  38. How to view the document collection within the reader app?

  39. I am getting connection error messages

  40. I have a file that Stellar Library does not directly support, how do I convert it into a PDF?

  41. I have forgotten my Password

  42. I have had to replace my mobile device

  43. I need to free up some space on my device

  44. I see a ghosted icon on my tablet, what does this mean?

  45. I've installed Stellar Library on my tablet but all I get is an empty bookshelf.

  46. If I delete the App from my device what will happen to all the content?

  47. Is my Data backed up?

  48. Is there a limit to how much I can upload to Stellar Library?

  49. Printing and Exporting from mobile device

  50. Sending Notification message to all or selected users

  51. Sharing Documents Using Multiple Document Selection Tool (“Tag” tool)

  52. Someone sent me an email invite to view files.

  53. What are the key features of the App

  54. What are the security features of this file distribution platform?

  55. What devices does Stellar Library work on?

  56. What file types can I view on my tablet?

  57. What is a Usage Report?

  58. What is the difference between a Librarian and Assistant Librarian?

  59. What is the Library Manager?

  60. What kinds of files does Stellar Library Support?

  61. When I delete a user, delete files, or remove access to files, how quickly are the devices updated?

  62. Where is my data stored?

  63. Why am I getting an Upload Error?

  64. Why can I now change the "view access" on the Access tab to people I would like to edit content to this folder?

  65. Why has a file or folder disappeared from my library?

  66. Why on the access tab do some of the readers have "edit" access while others have "view"?

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